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Taking Care Of  Your Health

3 steps to taking control of your bone, muscle, joint and nerve health

Understanding And Identifying The Root Cause

Quality, in-person care that you deserve. We take the time to listen to your needs, concerns and pains, gaining a deeper understanding of where the pain is, the cause and previous injuries. Identifying the root cause of the problem through a thorough examination and explaining it simply! Making sure you really understand the diagnosis, and have a clear treatment plan.

Effective Hands-On Treatment

Precise and careful hands-on treatment including joint mobilisation, manipulation, stretching and massage combined with simple but effective tailored exercises are used to address the problem. Reducing pain. Increasing movement. Most importantly getting you back to doing what you love!

Prevention And Maintenance

Osteopathy, a longer-term solution to keeping you pain-free, moving better and doing what you love. Preventative and maintenance treatment ensures you can enjoy your lifestyle, whether that’s a high-impact or high-stress job or physical and sporting hobbies. Topping up with hands-on treatment and progressing the tailored exercises.
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What They Say

Kevin Wiltshire
24 October 2022

I contacted Body Beliefs around three years ago when I had an issue with my back, I found Rory very helpful and professional and within two or three sessions i was pain free, unfortunately this weekend I injured my back carrying out some work in my garden, today I visited Body Beliefs once again, today I met Laura, as before I found Laura extremely helpful and professional, as well as some manipulation of my back, Laura offered some very useful advice and exercise to help with my problem. I would highly recommend Body Beliefs.

Emma Taylor
14 October 2022

Exceptional experience. I had really bad pain in my shoulder and Rory was able to squeeze me in last minute to help. Within a couple of days I had full use of my arm again and much less pain. Exercises to help with healing were given at a follow up appointment with new exercises to help strengthen provided. Highly recommend Body Beliefs

Craig Laurence
12 October 2022

Very thorough and professional Have been to many physiotherapist and body beliefs are among the best

Michelle Devadas
3 October 2022

Rory was great. Took the time to fully understand my issues (I have a few 😂), and came up with a plan (that’s working) to improve my overall strength. Would defo recommend!

Francesca Coluzzi
20 September 2022

Professional I definitely recommend

Joe Robson
9 September 2022

Highly recommend.

Franky Polaine
7 September 2022

Fantastic experience seeing Rory from Body Beliefs, he made me feel comfortable, was very professional and gave me some simple tips to try at home to sort out my neck problem. Would 100% recommend to anyone I know. Thank you 🙏🏾

Helen Knight
2 September 2022

I can’t recommend Rory highly enough, I visited him with a very painful hip and got huge relief straight away after my first visit. He is very thorough taking careful history and as well as being very knowledgeable has a kind and reassuring manner which puts you instantly at ease. I am continuing to improve and will not hesitate to visit Rory again with any other problems.

Nick Sherwood
26 August 2022

Started treatment with Rory 6 weeks ago for a left arm / shoulder nerve issue. He is very thorough in his approach and (as far as I am concerned) highly recommended, as much of my original issue is now under control and the exercises / follow-up videos that he has provided as after-care allow me to self-manage the issue outside of my weekly treatments. I can’t thank him enough for his expertise!

William Lyddiatt
3 August 2022

70 year old male and up until a short time ago I have been having trouble with the knees, Rory has been so understanding considering I went there with my back, now my regular visits are really sorting me out on both, can’t thank the man enough for all he’s help and expertise, recommend to anyone. William

Lauren Hutchinson
18 July 2022

Amazing service! Rory managed to book me an appointment within 24hours. He diagnosed and treated an injury I didn’t know I had, which was causing all the pain. After the session I had instant increased movement, and a few days I was right as rain! Thank you for seeing me so quickly, would definitely recommend.

Louise Newton
5 July 2022

Rory was amazing, I was in so much pain before I went to see him and after the first session I left feeling like a new person. He's professional and brilliant at what he does. Highly recommend.

Louise Stanley
15 June 2022

I would highly recommend Rory he is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable.

Andrew Plumb
13 June 2022

Another good visit to Rory this afternoon in which we discussed my improvement even from last Monday and on going treatment which I responded to very well.

Lesley Pearce
10 May 2022

Have had 3 sessions so far ,for lower back.really aches but after treatments easing off.

Deborah Taylor
15 April 2022

On my first appointment with Rory he did a thorough assessment. Lots of questions about the current situation & history. He then did a physical assessment. He also gave me a simple exercise to do at home to help strengthen my right hip. He has referred me to a dietician. I am very happy with the service so far & have booked a follow up appointment. Very professional.

13 April 2022

Excellent place and recommend it to everyone Spence

Iwona Witiw
6 April 2022

I highly recommend Rory! I really struggled with back injury and needed help ASAP. Decided to make an appointment with Body Beliefs by reading other 5-star reviews - and so glad I did! Rory is the best Osteopath around. He explained well what happened to my back and I was given a very effective treatment plan - stretching / movement exercises that helped reduce the pain straight away. Two weeks later pain is gone! Rory is super experienced, clearly passionate about helping people heal injuries and very friendly! Thank you :)

Paul Jacobs
6 April 2022

This is the best guy ever.

Catherine Cooper
31 March 2022

I was a bit nervous about my visit to Rory at Body Beliefs Osteopathy today, but I needn’t have worried. Rory was very friendly, polite and reassuring. His history taking was extremely thorough and he really listened to me. I feel very confident that I will be fully fit and able to achieve my running goals very soon, thanks to his help and guidance.

Andy Collings
26 March 2022

Rory has helped and made better many of my aches and pains as well as my recovery from a torn achillies.

Laura C
19 March 2022

Incredibly thorough, understanding, considerate, and professional. Rory took his time to listen to everything that I was experiencing and how it affects my every day.

Kat Chase
5 March 2022

Rory was recommended to me by a number of people on Facebook when I was having problems with my back, neck and shoulder. I was in so much discomfort that sleeping was difficult. After just one session, I felt so much better. Some daily exercises and a second session got me almost back to normal. I was so grateful. Not only is he excellent at his craft but Rory is a lovely person. His kind and gentle manor made me feel at ease straight away. I can’t recommend him highly enough and won’t hesitate to book in with him again the next time I have any issues.

Jacqui McIntyre
10 January 2022

Rory is extremely professional and explains the treatment he performs and listens to you to help identify the issues. Felt better after the first session and would definitely recommend Body Beliefs for anyone with lower back and sciatica related problems.


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